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Insight Data Solutions Makes Your Data Accessible and Relevant

Helping Your Business Teams Gain Trust in their Data

Insight Data Solutions’ database experts and architects work with your business to unlock the data inside that you need for competitive advantage. Guided by your needs and concerns, we will design a system that improves accessibility, reliability and accuracy of your data to give you greater insights, and ultimately drive productivity and revenue. We are your outsourced data scientists, your business translators and partners in transforming your business.


HR Analytics can help you find the right candidates, incentivize your teams, develop talent, and foster innovation


Identify profitable customers, define your ideal prospects, increase retention, and improve sales forecast accuracy with big data


Avoid disruption with business continuity planning and disaster recovery, plan Big Data and IoT projects, migrate to the Cloud


Comply with new regulations, transform legacy infrastructure, take advantage of BI and advanced analytics, data governance

Insight Data Solutions Expands Data Horizons

By some estimates, a single mid-level bad hire can cost a company in the mid-six figures in lost business. One inaccurate quarterly forecast can affect every function in a company. Of course, an unexpected business disruption and outages from environmental emergency (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes) or human-responsible attack (terrorism, cyber-attacks) can be crippling.

Our experts in big data, data management, data architecture, analytics, and BI expose new internal and external data sources and build analytic engines to monitor critical metrics for detecting trends, anticipating events and mitigating risks. Our expertise includes latest techniques for ETL (Extraction, Transform and Load) as well as data collection and predictive analytics methods for a variety of applications focused on Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Government Applications.

What People Say About Us

Dr. Richard B. Ivry, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience – University of California, Berkeley

If you want to use your existing data, or collect new data to develop an understanding of your business potential and to develop a plan for getting there, then Todd Maddox and the team at Insight Data Solutions are for you.

Insight Data Solutions Data Discovery Program

Companies are looking to use their data to help provide answers to a myriad of business problems, all designed to increase performance and ROI. Yet according to Gartner’s CIO Research Group, roughly 70-80% of all Business Intelligence projects fail. The IDS Discovery Program was designed to ensure you are one of the 20-30% of business intelligence projects that succeeds. Using a systemic approach that begins with understanding your needs and wants and setting clear expectations and ends with a comprehensive strategic plan to complete your project; IDS sets your BI project to succeed. Are you ready to make your project attainable and successful?


How to Optimize Employee Performance Using Data Science

by W. Todd Maddox

Maximize the insights obtained from consumer personas. By optimizing the consumer persona for one customer through an understanding of their preferences, you are one step closer to optimizing it for other consumers in other domains such as Customer Service